Help Amplify Today’s Action in Toronto!

28 Mar

Toronto action
Dear Allies,

As a prelude to our national day of action coming up this Saturday, allies
went around the Financial District of Toronto this morning to deliver a
message to Chevron investors State Street and Vanguard. We let them know
that we will hold them accountable for Chevron’s actions if they attempt
to trespass on sovereign Unist’ot’en land.

Video and photos are forthcoming on our website, but in the meantime you
can help amplify our message by sending an email to the following staff at
these two companies. The Vanguard office was particularly rude and the
receptionist actually pushed our letter out of the office with her foot.

Please write to them and let you them know you support the Unist’ot’en
right to Free Prior and Informed Consent regarding industrial activity on
their land and that if they do not want to lose a pile of money on a
pipeline that will never be build they should cancel Chevron’s Pacific
Trail Pipeline.

Unist’ot’en Camp

State Street And Vanguard Contact Emails:

Atul Tiwari, Director of Vanguard Group:
Jason McIntyre, Distribution;
Catherine M. Chamberlain, Compliance, legal:
Carrie Tuck, Marketing:
Dean Allen, Product

Kevin Drynan, CEO of State Street:
Peter Lindley, VP, Investment Management:
Gaetan Reid, VP Foreign Exchange:
Charles Murray, VP, Securities Finance:
Ron Robertson, Senior VP:

Chevron letter


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