Four Companies proposed what they call the “Energy Corridor” to cross Wet’suwet’en Territories; with a total of seven pipelines from Bruderheim to Kitimat, and from Summit Lake to Kitimat. Three companies, Kinder Morgan, Pembina Pipelines, and Endbridge Inc. each propose dual pipelines to transport not only dirty bitumen, but also condensate as a diluent (along with the cocktail of heavy metals, hydrocarbons, and poisons from the extraction and slurry process to turn solid bitumen rock into flowing mock oil). One of the four companies’ projects, formerly owned by Pacific Northern Gas (now 40% owned by Apache Corporation, 30% by EOG Resources [formerly Enron], and 30% by EnCana) seeks to transport through a 36″ diameter bidirectional pipeline to transport Fracturing Project Natural Gas from the Horn River Basin. Fracturing Projects have many disastrous qualities (for lack of a better word) to it and the pollution is the problem with this pipeline. Natural Gas from Fracking projects are 80 % more carbon intensive than conventional natural gas. So it is worse that what was once abundant.

The Grassroots Wet’suwet’en will stop all pipelines by any means necessary. In solidarity with nations also opposing pipelines in their territories, we do not take any “Not In My Back Yard” [N.I.M.B.Y. = equals weak arguments] approaches in our strong stance against poisoning waters for money and greed. We stand beside communities in all directions taking action to stop the pipelines that exist, that are proposed or approved to expand, or proposed pipelines projects awaiting approvals.

We understand that the seven proposed pipelines represents a total number of SuperTankers, meaning that the combined effort of seven pipelines means approximation of up to 1500 SuperTankers embarking and landing along the coast every year. We could say good by to biodiversity and our relationship (not ownership) with the lifeforce that is the West Coast. Please see related posts about our stance against Carbon Offsetting, Boreal Offsetting and Biological Offsetting as weak NIMBY approach and False Solutions to climate change.

National Energy Board

The so called National Energy Board is protecting their economic interests, not the environments or peoples. They claim to be a government agency, while recovering their costs from the corporations they pretend to regulate. We as Grassroots see them and their false review process as a corporation and a corporate hostile take over of people and biodiversity. The lies these corporations claim as truths in our lands must be responded to with the absolute truth, that their poisons are not welcome. Their Joint Review Panel is undermining rights and title of the Indigenous Peoples by claiming that they have jurisdiction here in Unceded Occupied Territories. Also in lands where treaty rights are not upheld NEB has been a polluter and community killer along with their gang of Oil and Gas and CEAA thugs.


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