2010-12 Links

Lhe Lin Liyin at Wedzin Kwah I

Lhe Lin Liyin at Wedzin Kwah

This video speaks of the Lhe Lin Liyin stance against ALL 4 Pipelines companies. The speakers are Toghestiy of the Lihkts’amisyu and Freda Huson of the Unis’tot’en C’Ilhltsehkhyu, Maskibu Helen Mitchell and Welih’ Katherine Michell are interviewed at the Wedzin Kwah crossing at 66 km along the Morice West Road.

The videos are on YinkaDiniPowerHour youtube page.


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  1. Wii Gwinalth [henry green] Gitando ,Ganhada November 26, 2012 at 6:52 am #

    http://www.coastalartbeat.ca/newsletters/The_Beat_February_2010_html_63d77841.jpg -hope this translates well enough ,26 ft.x 3 ft . ,Pt’saan [totem pole] documenting Sim’oogit Ts’ibasaa and the Gisk’haast migrations to the Nisk’gaa ,Tsimshian counties

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