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Communication and Registration for Unist’Hot’en Action Camp II

27 Jul

Please contact Freda Huson by telephone at 250 847-8897, or her email at; or Mel Bazil by telephone at 250 877 2805, or his email

Please provide either your email or a fax number that a registration form can be sent to you, fill it completely and email back to Freda or Mel or fax it to Freda at the provided number above.

If you are from a delegation from your community, please have all members of your delegation register previous before traveling to the camp.

If you as an individual representing your community resistance would like to present updates from your community and partake in strategies and common goals please make that known in point form, what we might expect from your delegation, and we can determine together where that may best fit a larger discussion. Thank you for your interests in the camp and for making time to attend.

Talk to you all soon!


Unist’hot’en Action Camp II

22 Jul
Banners at Wedzin Kwah 66km

Banners read No Pipelines, Respect Indigenous Peoples' Rights, No Tar Sands, Pipelines/CN, Offsetting, Tanker Traffic, Yintah Wewat Zenlii (taking care of the land)

Pictured here is a visual of the proposed crossing, with banners that read “NO PIPELINES” which is the fact that the Lhe Lin Liyin oppose all four proposed pipelines proposing to cross their territories, and in the spirit of debunking the Not In My BackYard follies, we also oppose all other pipelines that would support expansion of Tar Sands projects in Northern Alberta. The second reads “RESPECT INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S RIGHTS”. Although very important to bring into view the word ‘respect’, we also know we are asserting our responsibilities, not fighting for rights. We do not disagree with Nations or Indigenous populations who are fighting for basic rights, but we must also transcend this term and know that we were never stripped of our responsibilities and our laws. We must assert them. The Third banner reads NO: Pipelines/CN opposing all pipelines coming from Tar Sands’ Bitumen or Liquified Natural Gas; NO: Tar Sands, need we say more? NO: Tanker Traffic which I would love to edit to SuperTankers Traffic, as they are four times the size of the Tankers this world is already terrorized by. And lastly but not least, NO: OFFSETTING, which includes Carbon Offsets, Boreal Offsets, and Biological Offsets. If Non Governmental Organizations are pro Offsetting and seeking sellout leaders in our nations, than we are being duped into believing that these are solutions to Climate Change and would produce an income or revenue for nations who also want to save the planet. But our nations are not being informed of the NIMBY weakness where you as a nation get to save plots of your land, while the same company goes to another nation and destroys what they have. This is an even more disgusting trespass ideologically than when these companies go to third world countries and blatantly steal the land using paramilitary and threats for the same process, but come to a so called First World nation and smile at you and promise riches for Green Economy or Green Washed Economy. The Fourth Banner reads “YINTAH WEWAT ZENLI : TAKING CARE OF THE LAND” and was painted at the Unist’hot’en Action Camp last year. This banner is written in the Wet’suwet’en Language, it means that by living with the land, using ancient Indigenous Laws of the Unist’hot’en of the Wet’suwet’en including foremost the law of respecting the land and water, the people are taking care of the land. Indigenous Laws reflect Natural Laws and these Natural Laws precede all human laws, especially the construct laws of canada, one of the Wet’suwet’en people’s occupants, and bc, the other occupant in Wet’suwet’en Territory.

August 12 – 15th Unist’hot’en Camp II

15 Jul
Wedzin Kwah at 66km.

Before Banners

August 12 – 15, 2011 in Wet’suwet’en Territory of the Wet’suwet’en seeks to operate a second camp building further resistance to the large influx of industrial activities in our Indigenous Lands and Waters, often with no consent or consultation, or consultation as a final stage of development. The major focus of this camp is largely educational and hopefully strategic. Last year the major focus was Tar Sands and Pipelines, and training for current and future activists to operate as a larger body to resist Tar Sands and affiliated infrastructure and systemic support of Tar Sands expansion.

If you’re interested in this camp and would like to offer a workshop to the table that can be accompanied by some shared cost recovery, offer much of your own travel, and seek creative means of promoting strong resistance to the larger movement and continue with community building and nation building, then we are all on the same page.

Please contact us and let us know that this is for you and that you may or may not bring something to the table.

Please have another look at our page soon, for updates on camp plans, dates, scheduling, what to bring, what not to bring, what you expect from this camp, and what you hope to walk away with when leaving the camp.

Next stages of Camp Development

  1. Communication and Registration.
  2. Travel Plans and Numbers of Participants each caravan.
  3. Camp Implementation and Follow Up communications.