Statement from the Vancouver Demonstration Against the Pacific Trails Pipeline

12 Dec

Statement from the Vancouver Demonstration Against the Pacific Trails Pipeline

Vancouver Media Coop’s link for “Statement from the Vancouver Demonstration Against the Pacific Trails Pipeline”

2 Responses to “Statement from the Vancouver Demonstration Against the Pacific Trails Pipeline”

  1. jaredschy January 3, 2012 at 1:47 am #

    I am a student in north eastern US and I saw the Stop the Flows video on Frank Lopez’s site. I’ve been watching the escalation in the US and thinking to myself and sharing with others the opinion that occupations such as yours are ultimately going to be the way we stop the fossil fuel addiction. So I am wondering…what are your opinions on the tactics of the mainstream movement in the US? Are the helping? Hindering? Both? What can I (and my friends) do from our positions down here to support your resistance up there? My email address is schy.jared(at)gmail(dot)com so if this interests you, I’d love to continue the dialogue there.

    In Solidarity,

    • lhelinliyin February 13, 2012 at 1:31 am #

      Hadi Jared,

      Thank you for watching Franklin’s site, he is a good ally. We too have been seeing the escalation of tactics in the world along with the uprisings and the occupy movements. There is a need for decolonization of settlers’ colonial governments. Their govt’s can also learn to amend their laws so they also reflect natural laws. Indigenous peoples who still live traditionally today have fewer and fewer natural spaces to healthily conduct their way of life. This is problematic for the 99% because if the 99% lose the Indigenous Peoples voice, they would lose a strong and powerful ally. Our laws are designed to only take what we need and leave the rest. Capitalism is designed with “I want it all, and I want it now” as well “We don’t care what we destroy because all the money there is to be had, we can pay for damages”. Our perspective is that we don’t see the damage, and the biodiversity we are all part of is not merely “overburden” which the ‘industries’ would call it.

      Thank you again for your interests. We hope to hear more from you. I will email what some ideas that could happen there. The connections we don’t see is the oil and gas that proposes to cross our lands (but we will stop them by any means necessary) is planned to arrive in places like Chile, China. Europe, and US for refining and transforming into usable fuels. Tar Sands and Hydrofracturing of Shale Gas and Oil have intense carbon content and their fuels would increase climate change from more intense green house gases. We are also cognizant of the Climate and pollution. The Indigenous Peoples in Chile don’t want the LNG refinery in their traditional lands. So we don’t want them transported across our lands to end up where it is not wanted.

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